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Mini Planetary

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It is having an automatic conveyorized assembly line to cope up the requirements of bulk quantity. Correct selection of material and surface treatment gives a long durable life. Kavitsu offers these gearboxes with diameters of 25, 32, 45 mms, giving output torque up to 15 Nm. A variety of reduction ratios from 3.2 in single stage up to 625 in quadruplet stages are offered. With a proper R & D, the design is made to transfer required power and motion. Kavitsu is having its well established set up with proper facility of manufacturing activity, supported by well trained force of quality control.

We are a business with headquarters in Maharashtra, India, and we produce, provide, and export Mini planetary gearboxes. These efficient and small gearboxes are widely employed across several industrial applications. They are appropriate for automation, robotics, and advanced industries since they are made to operate precisely and smoothly.

In the gear sector, Kavitsu Gear sector is a well-known brand that produces and exports high-quality gear systems. The business has been in business for a long time, and throughout that time they have developed a reputation for offering consumers dependable, effective, and affordable gear solutions.

A top-notch product with several advantages for users is the mild steel mini planetary gearbox made by Kavitsu Gear Industry. This gearbox's small design is one of its primary characteristics. The gearbox's modest size makes it perfect for use in applications with limited space. Despite its diminutive size, the gearbox is incredibly effective and capable of transferring large amounts of torque at slow speeds.

The most important characteristic of the mild steel mini planetary gearbox is its exceptionally low backlash. Backlash, which is characterized by the natural clearance between gears in a gearbox, can negatively impact performance and toughness. However, the Kavitsu Gear Industry gearbox has been painstakingly constructed to exhibit an almost undetectable degree of backlash. This thorough design minimizes any potential gear wear and tear while also ensuring smooth and effective system performance.

Because of its planetary gear design, the gearbox is also extremely precise. The Kavitsu Gear Industry gearbox is no exception to the reputation of planetary gear for its exceptional accuracy. It is perfect for use in applications where accuracy is crucial since the planetary gear arrangement ensures that the gearbox runs with utmost precision.

Durability is one of the main benefits of the mild steel Mini planetary gearbox. High-quality components were used in the gearbox's construction to make sure it could endure the rigors of continuous use. With straightforward maintenance procedures that may be completed by qualified staff, the gearbox is very simple to maintain.

With a team of skilled professionals working tirelessly to ensure that every gearbox that leaves their factory is of the highest quality, Kavitsu Gear Industry is dedicated to giving its customers the best products and services. The company also offers excellent customer support, with a dedicated team of customer service representatives who are always available to help customers with any questions or concerns.

In conclusion, the mild steel mini planetary gearbox produced and exported by Kavitsu Gear Industry is a premium item that grants users several advantages. The gearbox is perfect for use in a range of industrial applications since it is lightweight, effective, precise, and long-lasting. Look no further than Kavitsu Gear Industry for a trustworthy and affordable gearbox solution.

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