Kavitsu Transmissions Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to Kavitsu

KAVITSU - Aiming to be a Global Leader in Gear & Slew Bearing Technology. In 1992 Kavitsu Techniques an entrepreneurship was established by Mr. Vasant Phadtare, which was converted in Private Limited Company namely Kavitsu Transmissions Pvt. Ltd. since last 30 years, Kavitsu is manufacturing Industrial Transmissions. Pioneering the range of Planetary Gearboxes is very wide.

One of the pioneers of Planetary Gear Technology in India.

  • The company is engaged in manufacturing and supply of Bevel Gear Boxes.
  • Planetary Gear Boxes, Worm Gear Boxes, Mechanical Power Transmission Systems, Planetary Speed Reducers, Industrial Gear Boxes, Planetary Winches, as well as Geared motors, Electric Motors and Slew Bearings.
  • It offers a wide range of gearboxes handling the power inputs up to 1250 kW. The speed reduction ratios are up to 100,000:1. The weights of the gear boxes range from 150 gms to 43,000 Kg (single gear box weight).
  • The sectors served by the company are Steel, Chemical, Textile, Printing & packaging, Mining & earth moving , Wind mills, Machine tools etc.
  • The company is able to manufacture the products according to customer's requirement, specifications & applications. It has a modern design department with highly skilled and qualified staff.
  • High operating efficiency, space saving compactness, easier mountings, wide range of reduction ratio, robust design, virtually maintenance free operation are some of advantages associated with Kavitsu planetary gearboxes.
  • Till date, the company has manufactured and supplied more than 50,000 gear boxes to various industries in India.
  • The manufacturing plant of the company is well equipped with modern machinery & testing facilities.
  • The company has a strong marketing division with many outlets through out India.
  • Wind Mills
  • Chemical Industries