Helical Gear design features:

  1. Better contact between gears as compared to spur gear.
  2. Low noise level of operation.
  3. Longer life than spur gears
  4. Case hardened gears and ground gears.

Options available:

  1. Available in combination of planetary and bevel.
  2. High torque rating : 4000 Nm to 300,000 Nm.
  3. Maximum Power : 1500KW
  4. Gear Grinding.
Helical Gear Box

Helical gear has a different geometry as compared to a spur gear. In spur gear, the teeth are cut at 90 degrees. In case of helical, they are cut at a particular helix angle and sometimes they appear twisted.

In the helical gear system, since the gear is cut at a helix angle, the contact starts at one point. It then covers the entire gear tooth as both the gears rotate. This is a major differentiating factor as compared to a spur gear.

Helical gear thus has a quiet operation and higher load carrying capacity. Helical gears, also due to the type of contact between them, last longer than spur gears.

Kavitsu has a vast range of helical gear boxes. They include inline helical, parallel shaft, single reduction helical. Shaft mounted helical gear boxes are also available for the customers who have space constraints.

The range of parallel shaft helical gear box has a torque rating range from 4000 Nm right up to 300,000 Nm. The maximum production capacity for Kavitsu is up to 1500 KW. The maximum reduction ratio that can be handled by these gearboxes is 650:1.

Typical applications of helical gear box include conveyors, crushers, ball mills, agitators.

Kavitsu also manufactures long travel (LT) and cross travel (CT) gearboxes. These are typically used in hoisting cranes and other heavy duty applications. The nominal torque rating for these helical gears is upto 250,000 Nm. The reduction ratio they can work at is 700:1.

Helical gear are case hardened and the profile of the gears is grounded. This ensures smooth and noise free operation of gearbox.

The other types of helical gear boxes Kavitsu manufactures are extruders, aerators gearboxes as well as helical gearboxes for cooling towers. These are the combination of different gear types. Extruder for example is combination of helical and bevel gears. The details for these are available upon request.