Bevel Gear:

Bevel gear system is used where change of direction of the power transmission is required. These are mostly used on shafts which are perpendicular to each other. Though, the angle can also be changed as per the users requirements.


Types of bevel gear:

Bevel gear can be classified in the following types:

  • Straight bevel gears are similar to the spur gears where the teeth are in straight line. The taper towards the apex of the cone. These exhibit the same properties of spur gear. The tooth are engaged at once, and this results in noise and friction.
  • Spiral bevel gears are those which have curved teeth. They are similar to the spiral gears and the tooth contact is gradual. It progresses as the teeth rotate. These help in reducing noise and increasing torque carrying capacity.
  • Hypoid bevel gear is generally used where the plane has different axes.This construction is similar to that of a worm drive. The pitch surface in this case is hypoid and not canonical as compared to other bevel gears.
Spiral bevel gear

The bevel gear box design and selection is made depending on numerous parameters.

  • Service industry
  • Type of gear suitable for that particular application.
  • Weight and dimensions of the drive.
  • Wear and shock resistance.
  • Accuracy of gears required.

Bevel gear can be used in conjunction with other gearing systems such as planetary and helical. This is as per the required application and in case there are space constraints.

The main advantage of this type is that the any angle of transmitting power can be obtained.

pair of bevel gear

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